ProWarm™ Standard Output

The Standard output system is well-suited for interior spaces that are adequately insulated, such as living rooms, kitchens, or bathrooms. The pipe spacings in these kits are set at 250mm intervals. A single thermostat controls the heating for these areas.

ProWarm™ Water Underfloor Heating Single room kits are perfect for combining water underfloor heating in one specific area, like a living room, with a standard radiator system. Each kit is designed to cover a specific square meterage when the pipe spacing is set at 250mm apart. This spacing ensures an output of 115w per square meter. If you require a higher heat output, we recommend selecting a high output kit.

ProWarm™ High Output

ProWarm™ High Output Water Underfloor Heating kits are specifically designed for combining water underfloor heating in high heat loss areas, such as conservatories, with a standard radiator system.

Each kit is tailored to cover a designated square meterage when the pipe spacing is set at 200mm intervals. This spacing ensures a higher heat output of 140w per square meter. If you require a lower heat output, we recommend opting for a standard output kit.

ProWarm™ Multi Room

The Multi-zone kit is the perfect choice when you require independent control of different zones at varying temperatures and times. It is particularly well-suited for new builds and whole house projects. The pipe spacings in these kits are set at 200mm intervals.

By utilizing individual thermostats, these systems offer you complete temperature control for each room throughout your home. This allows you to customize and adjust the heating settings according to your preferences and specific requirements in every zone.

ProWarm™ Overlay

The ProWarm™ Overlay system is an exceptional low-profile floor heating solution that is perfectly suited for both renovation and new build projects. It is compatible with a wide range of floor finishes.

With the included ProWarm™ Overlay, you can install floor heating without the need for costly excavation or raising the floor to an undesirable height. This unique system is designed to be installed over the existing floor, providing a practical and efficient heating solution. It is available in two variations: 18mm thickness for 12mm pipe and 15mm thickness for 10mm pipe, offering flexibility based on your specific requirements.

ProWarm™ LoFlo Lite

ProWarm™ LoFlo Lite Water Underfloor Heating kits are perfectly suited for efficiently heating individual rooms or multiple rooms using a single thermostat.

Each kit is specifically designed to cover a designated square meterage when the pipe spacing is set at 150mm intervals. The 12mm pipes are seamlessly fitted into our 18mm low profile insulation panels, allowing for swift and hassle-free installation.

ProWarm™ ProCrate

The ProWarm ProCrate underfloor heating kits are perfect for ensuring your installation goes without a glitch. The kits are designed for in-screed applications making them suitable for extensions, new builds and larger scale renovation. Suitable for screed depths of 50-75mm. The castellated panels allow the pipe to be installed at either 150, 200 or 250mm spacing making this suitable for use with any heat source, including air source heat pumps. The pipe is laid into the castellated panels which holds it in place without the need for staples or additional fixing, speeding up installation time and saving on labour costs.

Not only do the Procrate panels ensure the pipe is held firmly in place, they also ensure the pipe is installed at the appropriate and correct spacing without the need for measurements, giving an even heat distribution across your floor. For 200mm spacing simply count 4 nodules apart and begin installing the pipe. These panels are suitable for Prowarm 16mm pipe, but can also be used with 15mm pipe.